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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mercantil Servicios Financieros Internacional – “Mercantil”?

We are a financial organization with almost 100 years’ experience, with strong corporate values and a multinational outlook which has provided us with a successful experience in Latin America, the United States and Switzerland. We are recognized for our stability, strict regulatory compliance and constant innovation in improving customer experience.

Where is the head office?

The head office is located in the Torre de Las Américas Building, Tower A, 14th Floor, Punta Pacífica. Panama City.

What are Mercantil’s lines of business?

Mercantil offers products and services in banking, insurance and reinsurance, and wealth management to corporate customers, medium and small companies and individuals through its subsidiaries. Faced with the growing incorporation of technological developments to promote digital interactions within markets, Mercantil also recently invested in the development of new businesses with the construction of its own Fintech.

When was Mercantil founded?

It was founded in 1925.

In which markets do Mercantil’s shares trade?

Mercantil Servicios Financieros Internacional has two classes of shares – Class A and Class B – which have been traded on the Latin American Stock Exchange (LATINEX) since 2019.

What are the stock tickers?

Class “A”: MSFIA.
Class “B”: MSFIB

What rights are conferred by Class A and Class B shares?

Class A (MSFIA): Shares entitling their owners to one (1) vote at any General Meeting of Shareholders.

Class B (MSFIB): Shares entitling their owners to one (1) vote for every ten (10) votes at any General Meeting of Shareholders only for the appointment of the Principal and Alternate Statutory Auditors and the approval of the Financial Statements submitted by the Board of Directors.

How and where can I buy shares in Mercantil?

You can acquire shares in Mercantil through a brokerage firm in Panama. At Mercantil our brokerage firm, Mercantil Servicios de Inversión, in Panama is placed at your disposal. You can contact them by visiting their website at

How can I check my shareholding position?

You can check your shareholding position by contacting your brokerage firm in Panama.

How can I transfer my shares?

You must contact your brokerage firm in Panama for information on the procedure for transferring shares.

Who are Mercantil’s independent auditors?

Price Waterhouse Coopers PwC Ltda.

Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

The members of the Board of Directors can be found in the Corporate Governance Section.

When does Mercantil’s tax year end?

Mercantil’s tax year ends on December 31 of each year.

How can I obtain financial reports from Mercantil?

Mercantil’s and its subsidiaries’ financial reports are available in the Financial Information section.

What are Mercantil’s risk ratings?

Mercantil’s risk ratings can be found in the Risk Ratings section.

What is the dividend policy?

Mercantil retains its profits for reinvestment in projects that promote sustainable growth, focused on creating value for our shareholders. Management and the Board of Directors continually review the best use of capital.


We make relevant Mercantil information available to the market, which can also be consulted on the websites of the Latin American Stock Exchange and the Superintendence of the Stock Market.

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