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About us

We are a financial organization whose way of doing business is founded on a series of strategic guidelines and we are known as a company which is focused on commitment, compliance, and value generation, with a strategic vision for the development of its business.

Mercantil's Mission

To fulfil the needs of our customers by providing excellent financial products and services and to fulfil the goals of our employees, supporting the development of the communities in which it operates, continuously adding value to its shareholders with a long-term outlook.

Our Culture


“Stability Above All”

Long-term thinking and outlook:

"Our strategy takes a long-term view, with its tactical decisions and a ongoing search for results."

Care and respect for staff:

"The treatment, motivation, recognition and individual development of employees are ongoing goals."

Enhance the Mercantil brand:

"Our organization is our image, the organization as a whole, not its individuals are its public face, and its profile depends on strategy."


“Strict and timely compliance with laws, regulations, rules and policies.”

Ethical conduct:

"Zero tolerance of unethical conduct; transparency in its communications and information."

Multinational company:

"Our organization operates in several countries."


“We are continuously adjusting to change and circumstances with dignity and integrity.”

Good Citizen:

“Our conduct reflects our support of and commitment to the community”

Discipline in Corporate Governance:

“Respect for corporate governance structures.”

Our Strategic Objectives

At Mercantil our aim is to become a relevant financial multinational company in and from Panama, leveraging a comprehensive and distinctive value proposition in the banking, insurance, reinsurance and wealth management sectors.

To achieve our goals, we have focused on four major strategic objectives: Impact, Benchmark Products and Services, Ecosystem with Exceptional Service and Value Creation.


We are an organization that aims high; we want to grow and have an impact across all of our businesses. We continuously set ourselves ambitious and challenging goals in order to add value, particularly for our customers.

Benchmark Products and Services

We want to provide the best value proposition and we have to make the most of the digital transformation of our businesses and the development of new digital businesses in order to achieve this. We are focused on comprehensively fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers by offering products and services considered by them to be the best on the market.

Exceptional Service Ecosystem

We want to make life easier for our customers and get them to recommend us and use us as a benchmark for quality and service excellence. We want to develop a financial ecosystem with a comprehensive value, providing a reliable financial platform connecting different products and services which are focused on the particular needs of our customers, improving response times and minimizing barriers to the access to financial products.

Value Creation

In line with our mission, at Mercantil we aim to create value through responsible growth. We want to grow to deliver innovative products and services that comprehensively fulfil the needs of our customers. We want to be the best place to work and are committed to the well-being and advancement of our team. We want to be a company that shares our success with our communities to drive their development. And we need to maintain a continuous focus on increasing operational efficiency and using technology as a competitive advantage. If we achieve all of this, we will create value because we will have the ability to reinvest more and more in our people, in our capabilities, in the experience of our customers, our communities and shareholders.